Dream Big

If you were expecting more stories of our cabin life then you will be disappointed. Today is more about how this all came to be. So, come gather round. The fire is burning and I have a few more Monday thoughts to share with you all.

As I sit here by the fireside, I realise a few things. One is that I am very fortunate to be where I am. How many different twists and turns have shaped my life. We can all look back on a time in our lives where if we made just one decision differently, our lives would be completely changed. Our worlds would be different. Unlike the film Sliding Doors we can’t look back and see both outcomes, we have to get it right first time. My overall thoughts are that if you have a big enough dream, however ridiculous it may sound, if you truly believe it’s what you want, you will make that dream a reality. I’m not talking about dreams of winning the lottery or marrying your favourite film star. Although if Rachel McAdams is reading this I wouldn’t mind if she got in touch (sorry Kaitlyn.) What I’m talking about is dreams of who you could be, where you could be or maybe what your dream job would be. I can pin point the year I thought about moving to the Canadian Wilderness. It was 1995, I was 14 years old and had bought a book called Alaska by James A. Michener from the local charity shop. As the title suggests it wasn’t about Canada, except for a small section referencing the Yukon. You could say I got gold fever. Since that point, I picked up every book I could with stories of Canada, especially tales from the Yukon. It wouldn’t be for another 20 years before I made the move to Canada but it had set a seed inside me that would not be shifted. I spoke about it often to friends and family, over the years people probably doubted I would do it. I knew it was what I wanted so I never doubted myself. The point of this of course is to follow your dreams, believe in yourself and know that nothing is impossible if you set your heart and mind to it. My dream was to live in the wilderness, in a cabin overlooking a lake. Here we are 20+ years later and I’m doing just that.


So, what’s next? I want to write a book. The reason for wanting to write this book, is for that one teacher who claimed I would never read or write. I’d like to get a book published and post the old dragon a copy. I will be the first to admit I was a bit of a handful at school. I had the attention span of a gold fish. I must have driven my teachers mad at times. I know my mum got frustrated with me. However, she always stood up for me when it came to the teachers claiming I was unteachable. Watch this space people because I have a new dream. Hopefully this one won’t take 20 years to come true but even if it does, I will get it done.


Anyway, enough of my ramblings. I need to really be putting my mind to wood cutting and a huge log pile being split and stacked. Hope you all have a good week. Dream big and I will be back soon with more tales from our cabin life in Parts Unknown.


©Nick Hunter


2 thoughts on “Dream Big

  1. As a retired teacher it saddens me that you and your mom (mum) were told you were unteachable/would never read or write. Write! Prove them wrong.


  2. To be fair it was only one teacher that said that. When I was sent to boarding school my luck changed. I ended up at a great school, although I may have still been a bit of a handful 😊


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