Thinking Of My Father

This week (18th October) marks the seventh anniversary of my father’s death. He was 58 when he passed away due to complications brought on by prostate cancer. Even now I find it quite hard to talk about him for any length of time without getting a bit emotional. They say time is a great healer. I disagree with that. Time basically gets you used to living without that person, it never takes away the pain you feel for their loss. My dad was an amazing man. I know everyone says this about their own parents, but to me he will always be the man I strive to be like. How he managed to support us all as a family growing up, to how dignified he was even in death. Whenever I make an important decision in life, I ask myself the same question. What would dad do? I probably get the answer wrong every time, but I ask him none the less. I miss his reactions to all my stupid decisions. He was never one to hold back on telling me how much of an idiot I could be. No matter what, he would always help me out and would forgive my mistakes. He had a very mellow attitude. Probably due to alcohol consumption, but very calming none the less. He always knew what to do in any given situation. Right about now I could do with a spot of advice, and maybe a touch of financial backing 😊 in order to get my life back on track. Of course, the advice he would give me would be in the form of criticism, and that I should have saved more money before moving to the wilds. He would be right, but I wouldn’t let him know that. Anyway, when is an appropriate time to change your life completely. You will always find a million reasons not to do something, then before you realise it, time has passed you by and you never do it. Him dying at 58 taught me that. So maybe I’m right. Ha-ha in your face dad.

It’s pleasing to know that my dad actually liked my reckless side. I think he admired the fact I did impulsive things due to the fact he couldn’t bring himself to do them. I wonder what he would think of me being in Canada? Or of Kaitlyn? Or my son, who proudly has his name? I think he would think I was mad, and Kaitlyn was unfortunate to have been lumbered with me, but would love her for taking me off his hands. I’m joking of course… Well kind of.

Now I don’t want this to be a sombre post because quite frankly his life is to be celebrated, and celebrated it shall be. I shall be raising a glass or two to him on Wednesday, remembering all the good times and thanking him for pointing me in the right direction in life. So, charge your glasses, raise them high and propose a toast to Stephen. May his wisdom one day have an effect on me.

Onto the actual purpose of this blog. Talking about our week. It has actually been a fairly uneventful week if I’m completely honest. We took a family trip back to poo creek (see last blog post) in search of wood. It had rained quite a lot so the logging roads were pretty slippery and we were unable to go so far on them, due to the fear of getting stuck out there. We ended up with around another week’s supply of wood so that wasn’t too bad. Hopefully the road will dry out before we get too much snow and I can attempt again to gather some more. On Thursday morning we saw a moose. The first one we’ve seen since the beginning of September. I always forget how huge these animals are. It was in the middle of the road easily standing around 8ft high, that’s 100ft Kaitlyn (family joke.) It stood there just staring at the car for about 30 seconds before slowly disappearing into the bush. The second it did this we couldn’t see it due to being camouflaged so well. Madness.

We had our first dusting of snow on Thursday as well. I’m quite excited for us to get a real pounding of snow, and I wake up most mornings peering out the window to see if it’s hit. I’m sure halfway through winter I will be wishing it away. Also, I don’t know why I’m so excited, as I am far from ready for it. We have no way of clearing our driveway. Most people have snow blowers or snowploughs for either their tractors or trucks. We have a shovel. I wouldn’t mind if my drive was just a car length, but it isn’t. By the time I finish shovelling it, the chances are it would have snowed again and I would have to start all over. I might see if I can make my own homemade version of a snowplough to fit on the front of my truck. Should be interesting and a fun project to try and complete. This would also be a good time for my dad to be around, as he could make anything. I was always in amazement of his ability to build things and put his hand to nearly all projects around the house. Not that he ever built a snowplough mind you, but I’m sure he would know how to start better than I do. Maybe I can conjure up my inner Stephen and create a masterpiece.

What’s next then? Well firstly a trip to Burns Lake. I’m quite excited to see what it’s like out that way. I’ve seen a few pictures and looks really nice. Secondly, my main aim is to tell you all next week that I have completely finished collecting wood for winter. I want to get that all done so I can concentrate on other projects, and also stop talking about it to you.

I need to look at the dreaded well again. I want to make sure it’s ready for winter, as I don’t want to be dealing with it freezing over, as that would just annoy the hell out of me. This is my attempt at being proactive, so we shall see how that goes.

Well anyway, all good things must come to an end. All that is left to say is, enjoy your weekend and week ahead. If you’re lucky enough to have your fathers around, spend some time with them. Get them to show you how to make something. One day you too could be sat writing a blog, wandering where to start on making a snowplough, and wishing you had spent more time with your dad.


©Nick Hunter

One thought on “Thinking Of My Father

  1. ♥ I know all about that sieze the day feeling and always thinking “what would Dad say?” I’m sure you’ll have inspiration too for a home made snow plough from all those old episodes of the a team where they’d find just the modifications they needed for the van in a random nearby barn 🙂 Will raise a glass too on Wednesday and think of you all xxxx

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