It maybe late, but I hope it’s worth the wait.

I must apologise for making you all wait two weeks before updating the blog. I can feel the disappointment from here. How have you all coped without my weekly update? All good I hope. There have been several reasons for the lack of updates. The main one being our exceptionally kind neighbours lent me a super-duper log splitting machine, and my days have been filled with the joys of log splitting. You would not believe how much wood you can split with one of these things. I think I doubled my log pile in the first two hours of running it. It came in the nick of time. Last week, the nightly temperature has been down to around -20 and the daytime has struggled to get above -10, so I’ve had both fires running in the house. This does keep the house lovely and warm, however it has made me realise I have nowhere near enough wood to last the winter. This is a huge problem. We’re due to get a dumping of the white stuff this week, and it probably won’t go until April time. Due to the fact we arrived here at the end of July, all the wood I cut fresh hasn’t had enough time to season properly, so the majority of the fire wood must come from dead / fallen trees. This will of course become a problem to find once we get hit with snow. Also getting my truck to the wood to extract it, which already is hard enough as it is, will become nearly impossible. So hence my lack of writing time. The other main reason is due to the fact I had been plotting with Kaitlyn’s friend Karen, to organise a surprise visit. Our scheming came to a head last week with her arrival. You should have seen Kaitlyn’s face when she walked through the door. I have to say I was surprised she fell for my little lie about going for a job interview at 5.30pm, when I was actually going to the airport to pick up Karen, but she did. Maybe I can come up with some more schemes to get out of the house.

Going back a bit to the cold temperatures mentioned before. Have you ever heard a lake freezing over? If you were to ask me this a few weeks back, I would have thought that a lake wouldn’t make much of a noise when this happened. How wrong could I be. It makes a racket. I put this down to the fact that the water beneath the ice must be vibrating on the ice above and what ensues is a ringing whooping noise echoing around the valley, and it’s loud, very loud. The first time I heard it I thought, what the hell sort of animal is that? Until it did it again 3 or 4 times in a row and I worked out it was the lake singing at me. It is so amazing. I wandered down to the lake to see how frozen it was. I walked out around 10ft from the edge knowing that if I fell through the ice I would only be knee deep. I got a huge rock, threw it has high as I could into the middle of the lake. It came down, and the lake seemed to shout at me with the same ringing and whooping noise before, but the rock just slid along the ice but never broke through it. I can’t believe how thick it is already. It probably could take my weight out in the middle, but I’m not brave enough to walk across it just yet. When winter well and truly sets in I plan on attempting some ice fishing, and if I find some skates I will hone the old ice skating techniques. Look out Nick Onischuk I will be up to your standard in no time.

On the 5th November I went back to my English roots and celebrated bonfire night. I had built a very large fire at the back of our property. It stood a good 12ft high. I was expecting this fire to burn for a few hours, so lit it around 4pm. Sadly for me it only lasted 30 minutes before burning itself out and I couldn’t get any cool pictures of it burning away in the dark. It did however get rid of all the brush from my tree cutting this year and an old sofa that had been littering my garden so that is something.

Now how many of you are taking part in Movember? If you’re unaware of what Movember is then you must have been living in a cave for the past several years. Basically, on the 1st November you start, freshly shaved, and attempt to grow the finest moustache known to man, during the entire month of November. This is all in aid of bringing awareness to men’s health issues. Including prostate cancer (if you follow my blog you will know this is what my father died from), testicular cancer and male suicide. Which is another issue close to my heart, having lost a good friend only last year to suicide. Lots of these issues men find very hard to go to a doctor about. My own father was probably too self-conscious to go to the doctor and get the dreaded finger. I say let’s make it okay to talk and laugh about these things. I for one went and got checked out last year. My trip also coincided with my health care running out, so I even had to pay for the privilege of being touched in my special place. The price I paid I could have had a very good time in Amsterdam! It’s all part of the joys of getting old I guess. Anyway, if you wish to donate to my Movember efforts then here is a link, I promise to do my best to look like a prize tit with my handlebar moustache. Kaitlyn informs me that I am already doing an excellent job of that. Also as a side note if you’re feeling down and don’t know who to talk too, feel free to drop me an email. I can tell you all about my life and you will soon be feeling exceptionally happy again. Seriously though if you’re feeling at your lowest point there is always someone to talk to, and it will get better.

As we’re all aware Christmas will soon be upon us. With that in mind I am going to shamelessly plug my business,  If you’re struggling to decide what to buy that hard to shop for friend or family member, then look no further. The Water-to-Go bottle filters water from any non-salt water source, without the need for boiling or sterilisation tablets. Meaning not only do you no longer have to buy single use plastic water bottles that are so bad for our planet, but also you can impress your friends by drinking straight from that muddy puddle outside your office. It filters 99.9% of all viruses, bacteria, micro contaminates, bad taste and odour, and much more. Plus, it is BPA free, so no harmful chemicals in our plastic bottle. For all my wonderful followers use the discount code “CABIN” at checkout to receive 15% off your entire order. That also includes free shipping across the whole of Canada. So, grab that outdoors friend a bargain of a deal while stocks last.                                                                                                    If I sell enough maybe Kaitlyn can have a Christmas present.

So, what’s next? Well this coming week will be spent gathering the last of the wood. I think the snow will hit on Tuesday evening so it’s a race to get the last of it in. I will be continuing to try and create my homemade snowplough in the vain hope I can keep on top of what mother nature throws at us. On Thursday and Friday, I will be in McBride with Kaitlyn peddling our wares, so if you’re local pop in and say hi.

Oh, one final note is to say our other amazing neighbours brought us over some homemade doughnuts the other day. If you happen to be reading this, we have eaten them all and are ready for our next batch. They were simply amazing, and my mouth is watering just thinking about them.

Anyway, time is pressing on and I’m in need of my dinner. I hope you all have a good week and I will do my best to update the blog next week and not leave you in suspense as I did these last couple of weeks.


©Nick Hunter

2 thoughts on “It maybe late, but I hope it’s worth the wait.

  1. Nick, you’re awesome! LuLaRoe brought me to your blog, but it’s your sense of humour that’s keeping me here. You both rock! Will check out your H2O bottles soon!

    Liked by 1 person

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