Christmas Spirit

Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening depending on where you are reading this from. I have been enjoying viewing my reader stats this week, and I’m astonished how far my blog has travelled. I won’t list all the countries as there are too many to mention. I will say to my Japanese readers ありがとうございました, which you will have to believe me means thank you in case you don’t read Japanese. Well I hope it does anyway. I am truly humbled by the feedback I receive and shocked with the readership volumes. So, thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

This week we managed to get the final two trips to town out of the way, and have been busy at home sorting and packing lots and lots of ladies clothing to ship out to all Kaitlyn’s customers. I never thought I would get bored of women’s clothes, but alas I think I have. I need to find a new path in life. With that in mind I sent a letter to The Times & Sunday Times newspaper in the vain hope they would take on an article from these backcountry parts. I wait with baited breath for their reply and will be shocked if they don’t take up my offer. Today marks the end of Movember. Thanks to everyone who donated to my efforts. I am yet to shave, this isn’t because I like my monstrosity that has grown on my face, but more because I am a lazy git and haven’t been bothered too. I guess I will wait until Kaitlyn starts moaning at me about it. Although if she does I will just point at her legs.This week as with every other has also seen me gathering wood. Although to spice things up a bit I raided the neighbours wood stack. They had some trees felled a few years back, which are still all laying in a nice pile in their yard. I did obtain permission before you all think I’ve turned to thievery in my quest for wood. They even helped me extract lengths of timber, with the use of their tractor, and thank God they did. The wood was all frozen together and even with the tractor pulling away at it we struggled to free it up. We even managed to break a steel rope and a metal bar that was attached to the tractor. This may have been caused out of frustration more than anything. The neighbour had been gently trying to pull the wood out with the tractor for around 5 minutes, when to my delight he decided that a run up was what was needed. He went flat out in reverse with the steel cable attached to the log. I had visions of the log flying out but to my horror the cable snapped and came flying straight towards his head. Luckily for him it missed. We carried on with our efforts and after an hour I had a truck load of cut logs. I now just have to split them. I will leave that for next weeks blog update as I don’t want you to have too much excitement this week.Now, as you are all aware Christmas is fast approaching. This year it is hitting me with mixed emotions. I am poorer than Bob Cratchit and fear my Christmas turkey may end up being more of a Christmas chicken thigh. Barbequed of course due to the oven situation. I wonder what Tiny Tim would make of that. With that in mind, I am plotting ways to be able to afford presents, I may end up whittling wooden ornaments with my wood carving tools that I got off Amazon. They look like they were made by a blind man with no hands, but I guess that’s what you get when you buy the cheapest ones off the internet. I shall let you know how I get on with that.  On the plus side, I am in this fantastic place and have been dreaming of spending Christmas here since we purchased the cabin back in December 2015. I am extremely excited to wander out on our land and chop down a Christmas tree. I have been eyeing up several good candidates and think I’ve narrowed it down to two. The lucky winner will take pride of place in our front room in the next couple of weeks.  Just thinking about it gets me back in the Christmas spirit. It makes me realise that this time of year isn’t about how much money you spend on gifts or how big of a feast you put together, but more about spending time with the people you love, reaching out to people less fortunate than ourselves and perhaps performing the odd random act of kindness. Helping someone in need will give you a greater feeling inside and represents the true meaning of Christmas. The best Christmas gift I ever gave was when I handed my sleeping bag to a homeless guy as I walked home from buying it for myself. I saw he needed it and I just wanted it. Best feeling ever. I urge you to do the same. It’s a better feeling than any drug you can take, and can change someone’s life, including your own. So, my words of wisdom for you are these: spend less this year and give more time to your loved ones. I cherish the memories I have as a child growing up, with my Mum, Dad and brothers. Christmas was always a magical time of year in our household, not through all the gifts but through being together. Take an extra day off work, plan a gathering of friends because one day you will turn around and they won’t be here, and you will only be left with those memories of times gone by.

Now I have just come back after being called away by my wonderful future wife to sell clothes live on line. Reading back what I’ve written I’m keen to end this post on a high. I don’t want you all thinking your loved ones are about to drop down dead, now do I. So, I am setting you all a mission. Like my Facebook page, go to my post titled ‘open letter to the Times & Sunday Times’ like it and share it please. I want those little blighters to see what I wrote. I will get myself a writing gig somewhere. Then maybe I won’t have to whittle my own Christmas presents. Anyway, time is pressing on and I feel I need to get back to sorting ladies clothing out. I hope you have a great weekend, be good and if you can’t be good be careful, and I will speak to you all very soon.


©Nick Hunter

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