Winter Walks

I know its cold outside, but get your coat on, I’m taking you for a walk. It’s a glorious morning here. The sun is shining, and there’s not a cloud in the sky. It’s chilly though at -11 but with the sun rays hitting us it doesn’t feel that cold. Archie and Shylo, (the dogs,) are both excitedly running around the front room in anticipation for our morning walk. Archie especially, is becoming more annoying as I attempt to put my boots on, all the time with him trying to get my attention by ramming his face in mine, and the occasional leap in mid air for no apparent reason, except maybe to prove that he is the most excited to go on our morning adventure. I put my camera on the tripod, stick some bear spray in my pocket and open the front door. The dogs both rush outside, I’m hit in the face by a cold rush of air, and immediately Archie finds a rock and expects me to throw it for him. He has a thing for rocks. Many an evening is spent with the sound of rocks being dropped on our balcony outside, as Archie tries his hardest to get us to come out and throw them for him. I swear to God that he will have no teeth left by the time he is 4 or 5 years old. Why can’t he like tennis balls or sticks like a normal dog?  Our front garden (yard) is a mixture of snow and ice at the moment, and as I walk off the steps leading down from the cabin I slide about 10ft down our sloped driveway. Gracefully of course. I don’t want you thinking I looked stupid or anything. Having composed myself, I gingerly make my way down to the bottom of the drive, and head off up the road to find where I set up my trail camera two days ago. Every step I take makes a very satisfactory, crisp, crunching noise on the snow. The landscape is a sea of white. Even the evergreen trees seem to be wearing a white fluffy coat this morning. I really do love these winter walks, I think it’s my favourite time of year here.  What should be a 10-minute stroll, soon turns into an hour, as I stop continuously to take pictures of my surroundings. Yet another owl has decided to grace me with its presence. It’s as if Hogwarts have sent them to come and get me. I must see at least one a day at the moment. All various species, and if you take a look at my Facebook or Instagram pages you will see a few of them up there. I’ve never been much of a bird lover, but they are growing on me and do look quite incredible. Eventually I make it to the animal trail where I setup the wildlife camera, the dogs charge off down it, hot on the scent of whatever animal passed by last. I’m left with the feeling I’m being watched. As I take down the camera, I look around my snowy surroundings to see if I can pin point the source of my feeling. I’m paranoid about cougars. The last thing I want is one of them jumping on me from a tree. I’d rather take on a bear in a fist fight than play with one of those blasted mountain lions. I very quickly remember that all animals avoid Archie like the plague due to his stupidity, and I call him back to me. As always, he quickly appears, and feeling safe again I head back to the cabin for a well-deserved cup of tea and to view the footage on the trail cam, whilst warming up in front of the fire. There are several deer that I’ve managed to capture on the camera, in one of the clips there are four deer all in a row, walking straight towards the camera. I have put that video on Facebook. Take a look if you get a second. I’m going to try and capture a wolf on it next. I’ve seen one recently at the edge of our property and I’m keen to get video evidence of it. So that will be this afternoon’s mission.I think you will all agree that you should probably come here in person to experience it, as my words don’t do it justice. I will do my best to get some accommodation available ASAP. Talking of accommodation, I met with some friends in town on Thursday who own a motel. We chatted for a couple of hours and bounced a few ideas around. I am, if possible, even keener than before to get some sort of tourist accommodation up and running here. Be it in the form of the campground opening or a B&B. It’s just that ever annoying problem of how to afford to do it. I will have to put my thinking cap on.

Our frozen lake, with the Caribou Mountains behind

So, what else has been happening here in Parts Unknown. Well, our amazing friends have once again proved that we do in fact have the best neighbours in the world, by delivering to us some amazing Christmas treats.  When they turned up, it was as if Mr and Mrs Clause had arrived, with what can only be described as a monster platter of Christmas deliciousness, which contained every treat you could imagine, including; mince pies, butter tarts, short bread, ginger bread and many more tasty morsels to excite my taste buds. Even I will struggle to get through that lot before the end of December. I am willing to give it my best shot though. (If you are reading this, thank you very much. You are one in a million.)

The next exciting thing to happen is the fact that we now have a fully functioning oven. Yes, you heard me right. Our oven is finally fixed. Thanks once again to some of our McBride friends, who gave us a free oven. I got it home and to my surprise the elements were a match to my existing one. I switched them over and hey presto, it worked. Just imagine all the delights we can make now. Roast dinner here we come. Oh, how I’ve missed you old friend.

On Wednesday the Mother-in-Law arrived and overnight the house looked spotless. I have a funny feeling I’m going to enjoy this coming week. An extra pair of hands in the house is a blessing and gives Kaitlyn and I a chance to catch up on a few neglected chores. This takes me on to next week’s happenings. Which will consist of us mostly decorating the cabin for Christmas. I’m hoping I have enough Christmas lights to decorate not only the tree we pick out, that will take pride of place in our front room, but also at least one tree outside, if not more.I will also be on the hunt for work. I have a couple of jobs lined up, but as of yet they haven’t come off. So, if you’re reading this and happen to be needing my amazing skills, then please get in touch. I’ll pretty much do anything within reason. Alas, my aging looks prevent me from pimping myself out, other than that I’m open to offerings. Once again, I’d like to thank you all for your continued support on my little blog. It really raises the spirits to know it’s being appreciated, and some of the feedback has been truly humbling. Anyway, time is pressing on, and I have an oven that needs to be put to work.  I hope you all have a great weekend, whatever you’re doing, and I will update you all next week

©Nick Hunter

One thought on “Winter Walks

  1. Hi , yet again a brilliant page mate . Believe it or not , we had some snow in Kent this week !!!!! Yeah ! The usual wet , slushy stuff though so the whole County didn’t grind to a halt ( Tossers ) , so enjoy your real snow and a proper oven …. That must be brilliant …. Until next time . Bye .

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