Podcasts & Christmas Trees

Happy Thursday everyone. I know I’m a bit early with this week’s post, but this is due to having a busy few days coming up. I wouldn’t want to keep you in suspense, waiting for an update now would I.

This week has been rather exciting, due to the fact I released my first ever podcast. I’m going to make this a regular thing and hope it will compliment the blog. My idea is to bring Parts Unknown (Dome Creek) to life in a completely different way. I will attempt to record the podcast as I go about my daily chores, as well as bringing in guests to the show. I am also trying to persuade Kaitlyn to join in, but currently she tells me she sounds too much like a man when she hears herself back on the recording. I made some passing comment about other aspects of her that were manly, which didn’t go down too well, but hopefully soon I will convince her to join me on the show. Now, let me tell you all about the process of recording this podcast. You would think that what turned out to be a 15-minute episode would have been fairly easy to put together. You couldn’t be further from the truth. This probably took me around 4 hours to do, included a large amount of swearing at myself and throwing a sh*t fit halfway through recording, since it turns out I can’t speak for more than around a minute without either umming a great deal or swearing inappropriately. I challenge anyone to sit in a quiet room, take out a recording device and talk to yourself for 15-minutes. It is a lot harder than you would think. Lucky for me, my friend Adam was at the end of the phone, and pointed me in the right direction for editing software. He also basically gave me the idiots guide to creating a podcast, as he has just released his own as a follow on from his blog, titled Stories of a Dad. I recommend you check it out as it is an excellent blog and podcast. Anyway, I don’t want to plug his show too much as I don’t want to lose any of my potential listeners or readers. As it happens, it turned out I was too stupid for the idiot’s guide to podcasting. I was doing really well up until the point of uploading the show to iTunes. They specified I had to have a certain image size and quality, this proved to much for my brain to handle and after around an hour of swearing at the computer, I gave in and against all principles asked Kaitlyn to assist me. Two minutes later we were all sorted and submitted for review. I guess she does have her uses. So that was that. It is now up for you all to listen too. It is available on iTunes, Podbean and SoundCloud. I have also submitted it to Stitcher, which will pretty much cover all the major podcast providers. Much like the blog, you can also access it through the website www.ourcabinlife.com if you so wish. I look forward to seeing where this takes me, and the feedback from all of you.

Apart from the above-mentioned activities, this week has been spent cutting wood obviously, going for winter walks, and most importantly setting up my trail camera in various locations around the property. After writing this post I will be going out to retrieve the camera, that’s if I can remember where I put it. I stupidly moved it several times and now I’m not entirely sure of the last tree I attached it to. Keep your eyes on the Facebook page to see if I recover it, as if I do I will be posting what I capture on there. Talking of Facebook. I have a feeling they have changed their algorithms. I see a lot of page owners saying they can’t reach their audience unless they pay to boost a post. So, I am curious to know if my posts are being seen by everyone, or just a few people. I refuse to pay to post something on Facebook so in case you don’t see content from me, just take a look at the page now and again. I do tend to post every day or every other day.

On Saturday we went out and found ourselves the Christmas tree that would take pride of place in our front room. It has turned out to be so big that I’ve had to move my computer and am now typing this blog, facing the kitchen and not my normal position of having the window to glance out of. This is entirely Kaitlyn’s fault. We drove around to look at several contenders for Christmas tree of the year, and my previously picked out specimens were not up to Kaitlyn’s standards, with her telling me they were all to small. I would like to point out that they were around 6-7ft tall but out in the forest they do of course look small compared to the towering spruce and cedar trees. I tried my hardest to explain that it will look good in the cabin, but my words fell on deaf ears. We now have a 12ft tree dominating our front room that we had to anchor to the wall due to the fact the Christmas tree stand wasn’t man enough for the task.

christmas tree
The chosen tree


This just leaves me to say what’s coming up next week. Tomorrow we will be heading to town to drop the Mother-in-Law off at the airport. (It’s been a wonderful visit, and I will be very sad to have to start washing up the dishes again after she leaves.) After that we will head to the supermarket to do are last shop before Christmas. I hope a few treats will fall into our shopping trolley (cart) and maybe a nice plump bird to roast on the big day. We will just have to wait and see what delights we can afford. The rest of the week will be spent creating podcasts and gathering yet more wood. With hopefully a good story to tell thrown into the mix at some point.

That’s enough of my ramblings for this week. I hope you all have an excellent weekend and we will catch up very soon.


©Nick Hunter

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