Sunday Blog

Hello everyone. I am bringing you a little Sunday edition of the Our Cabin Life blog. What is he doing, I hear you all ask?  Well, I have had a few thoughts running around my head recently. As you are well aware, I have a few things on my mind here in Dome Creek. One – where can I find more wood? Two – how can I earn a living here in the wilds of Canada? Lastly, three – how can I get Kaitlyn to do the podcast with me? The question I am addressing in this Sunday blog, is the most pressing one. How can I earn a living here? I applied for a job a few weeks ago, and was rewarded with a lovely rejection on Friday. So, with that in mind I placed my thinking cap firmly on my head and set to work answering the question. I will avoid at all cost doing a job I don’t enjoy. Life is far too short to force yourself to get up every morning and go to a job you can’t stand doing. Of course, beggars can’t be choosers and if all else fails I will take whatever I can in order to keep my head, and families head above water. I will first attempt to do something I love. So, what is that? Other than becoming a chief beer tester, or some sort of food sampler, I would really like to write. I have sent letters to local and national newspapers, both here in Canada and abroad, but have yet to receive replies from them. They must be too busy covering all of Trumps tweets, is all I can think. Anyway, as I pondered the question, it leapt out at me. I have a platform to write and a truly wonderful audience. If I can grow that audience and continue to write this most excellent blog, then surely, I can somehow gain a revenue for that. I will never ask anyone to pay to view my ramblings, but if I can interest any companies to advertise through me then surely, it’s worth a shot. With this in mind, I am about to ‘up’ my blog game. I will attempt to make it more visual by adding pictures and videos to my posts. I am not the most internet savvy person to ever sit in front of a computer, so this may well take some doing to vamp up my online presence. Perhaps some of you amazing people have some ideas for me? My only thoughts tend to be getting my blog shared more among the Facebook, twitter, and Instagram social media platforms.

I do have a cunning plan that will involve me leaving my cabin, (I’m getting nervous just thinking about that,) and travelling out into the community.  I am going to get in amongst the action so to speak. Visit local businesses, tourist attractions, wander the endless hiking trails and attempt to bring them to life in a way only a mildly amusing Englishman can. If I can make people see the Robson Valley the way I see it, then eventually more and more people will visit. Which in the long run will work wonders for my campsite / B&B idea. If it’s the last thing I ever do, I will be getting all of you to head out this way. Oh, and what fun we would have! Just imagine as we sit around the campfire, with myself, telling you tales of a time when I was just a penniless writer with a dream. Much like J K Rowling, but without a little wizard child. This vision is hard to really imagine as I sit here now, but with a little help, a spot of luck, and tiny pinch of determination, perhaps I could conjure up a real spell and make this a reality. Stranger things have happened after all. I mean who would have thought that Leicester City would win the EPL, James ‘Buster” Douglas would knock out Mike Tyson or you would ever have uttered the words, “I wish Hillary had won.”

With all of this in mind. If any local business happen to stumble across my blog in the coming days, and you want to be included in the ramblings of a bored house husband, then please get in touch, and I will happily come and inspect, evaluate and hopefully boost your establishment / products profile. My services are free if you’re in the Robson Valley, but if you happen to be reading this in the Arctic and thinking: This man could really warm up our image here, then you will need to cover my travel costs.

Now, changing the subject slightly. The podcast I created last week, all be it fun to do, is clearly a million miles away from being a good production. I will be playing around with a few concepts before I release the next episode. So, don’t be surprised if its not for a couple of weeks.  I truly believe it could be a terrific way of growing followers and I very much look forward to where it will take me.

Anyway, that’s enough of that. I have some important things to do, like go sledging (tobogganing to all you Canadians,) and play in the newly fallen snow. Have a great week, and I will update you on my progress in the next post.

©Nick Hunter

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