Time To change

Exciting news to hit us this week. I received a call from a book publisher, who has shown great interest in our blog. They’re keen to help turn the blog into book form after a year of writing. So, if you happen to be reading this in a book, you will know I was successful in the publishing process. It’s all rather exciting but I am now very conscious of the fact I need to keep my writing up to date and on top form. No easy task for a man of my calibre, but I am up for the challenge. Sadly, no advance was offered for my ramblings, so the quest to earn a living continues. Perhaps some of you have ideas for me? The ski hill job, is not secure enough, as they do not open when the temperature drops below -20oC. Which around these parts isn’t that uncommon. Ideally, I would like to work from home, and keep up my commitment to the ski hill when they’re open, but I can’t be too picky when it comes to earning a wage. I have even thought about moving away from here, but that just won’t do when I have a book publishing deal to complete. Plus, what would you lot do without my weekly moan about the hardships of life, here in the Canadian wilderness. Until the campground is open, I need to find a way of topping up my salary. All comments on this would be greatly received.

Anyway, on to the actual purpose of this week’s blog. It’s something I don’t really want to discuss but I feel I must. Mainly because I am feeling unfit and weigh more than I ever have before in my life. That’s right, I’m a fat git and I want to talk to you about weight loss. You would have thought that living here in these remote parts would make it easier for me to lose weight. You would be wrong. Well, currently you are should I say. Up until this point, even though I go gathering wood, walk a great deal, and split countless number of logs, I have also found that I have begun to spend my evenings shovelling food into my giant pie hole, otherwise known as my mouth. I am very good at this, and it would appear my waist line has grown almost as quickly as my wood pile has diminished. With this in mind, I have decided that I will try and lose some of this excess chub. Now, I don’t want you thinking this is another, New Year new me post that so many people seem to do this time of year. It’s more of an attempt to add some years to my life. I am very conscious of the fact, that I have, over the years, put my body through more than most people with the work I’ve done and the lifestyle I have led. On top of that I have smoked since I was 16 years old and it’s with much reluctance (because I enjoy it so much,) I feel it is time to knock that on the head too. I think if I put it down in words here, I must follow through with my thoughts. The main reason for this is because I have an ever growing family, and wouldn’t mind being around to see them all grow up. I also have a lot of family coming in the summer, and I’m not too keen to look like Jabba the Hutt as I take them off hiking in the back country. So, there you have it, I now must commit to this challenge of a lifetime. I look forward to updating you on how things are going.

In other events, this week has seen some gorgeous weather hit our parts, and I have taken full advantage of all the winter walks. It maybe cold but the sun has been shining on a daily basis. Yesterday, we saw a huge moose just at the edge of our property line. Unfortunately, I was again without camera, so I was unable to get the picture. I will make a point of carrying it at all times from now on, as that’s three times in as many days that I have missed truly spectacular photo opportunities. I took a walk to where I saw the moose and there were some large tracks heading off into the bush. The trails I regularly walk have quite compact snow, due to my rather large frame firming it down. However, as soon as you go off the beaten track it is very hard to walk for any length of time due to the depth of the snow, so I really think it’s a must to get some snowshoes soon. When I have done that I will follow as many tracks as I possibly can. Still no luck photographing the wolves, but I have put the wildlife camera on the lake, so maybe next week I will bring it in and see if we captured anything.

My two walking buddies
Sunny days in Dome Creek

I spent a large amount of time this week promoting my blog, and we had over 1000 views in the last 4 days alone, along with some excellent feedback which is really what I was after. I hope to carry on this upward spiral of readers and am very keen to direct you over to my social media pages. So, if you haven’t already, click this highlighted section and like my Facebook page, search us out on Twitter and Instagram too, all under the name of Our Cabin Life. I post lots of pictures on there, so hopefully it will bring this place to life a bit more for you. Also, as previously stated, the Podcast I created is still a work in progress as I wasn’t overly happy with the first episode. I have been playing around with the format and the next episode will be up very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that dropping in the coming few days.

That’s about it really for this week. Nothing broke which is a blessing. I will be working at the ski hill for the next few days and I’m contemplating writing a post about that. Other than that, next week will be all about getting fit again. I will try and come up with some new walks to do, as well as some ingenious ways of working out. I will attempt to seal my mouth shut of an evening and refuse all offers of cake. So, until next week, I hope you all have a great weekend whatever it is you’re up to, and I look forward to filling you in with all my progress next week.


©Nick Hunter

3 thoughts on “Time To change

  1. Great blog Nick!

    As ever, what a life you are leading! It’s great to hear that a publisher is interested in your work and that could certainly be a nice earner down the line!

    Have you thought about starting a YouTube page? I am an avid watcher of bushcraft/wildlife/off grid living videos and there is a huge following for those sorts of clips. One of my favourite channels is Joe Robinet and this a Canadian bushcrafter who has a great filming style and interesting content and as a result of this, he managed to increase his subscriptions by 400k this year and on average his videos now get about 200k views. I believe he gets $3 per 1000 views, so, once it is up and running it could provide you with some income too. You can do excursions and take us with you, show us your daily chores, have us with you when you are taking on new projects, discuss your hopes and worries with us and we who can’t take that leap will feel like we are doing it with you as we can see it all happening. Just a thought!

    Anyway! Enough of my rambling, have a great week and I look forward to the next blog!

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  2. If you need to quit smoking check into tabex it’s cheap and effective worked for me I quit on day 4 although it’s only a 25 day treatment and I also have 3 kids that sometimes drive me crazy lol I bought myself an ecig after the treatment and never looked back! I feel so much better it was the best $40 I ever spent ! Seriously check it out !

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