Better Late Than Never

First off, I must apologise for being late with this week’s post. There are two reasons for this. One because I have been working, and being unused to this, I have struggled to do anything of an evening when I get in, and secondly because I have been suffering with a bad case of writer’s block. There are only so many ways of telling you about wood chopping and walking around this little wilderness paradise. It has been harder still, because I feel like I have done absolutely nothing this week apart from research campground zoning, which let me tell you is not something I could possibly enjoy writing about. As with most planning related tasks via government websites, it’s a long and boring mission that seems to take you round and around in circles and is written in a language that only a lawyer or complete nerd would understand. Being the educated man that I am, I ended up calling them to explain it to me. Of course, I didn’t speak to a human, but several automated machines that were not that helpful, and after pressing several buttons and shouting loudly through the telephone, I was eventually put through to an answering machine. Somehow, I managed to leave a calm and coherent message without any swear words falling out of my mouth. I hope to hear back from them sometime this year.

The other thing I did this week was set up a crowd funding page to help with the campsite renovations. Now I hate having these things pushed on me, but I would be failing if I didn’t post the link, so here it is, please check it out and if you feel you can help out, then please do.

In other news, there are a large number of wolves in Dome Creek at the moment. One of our neighbours had an encounter with two separate packs by all accounts. I don’t know all the details so can’t really comment too much on it. But with my sightings and all the tracks we see, I am sure I will capture them on film soon. Talking of which, my trail camera died in the wind storm we experienced here the other night. Every time it senses movement, it triggers the camera to turn on. During the storm it was repeatedly recording so the batteries gave out, so sadly nothing to report on that front, except swaying trees. I shall replace the batteries and stick it out again tomorrow.

A moose battling the wind and snow this week

I was so uninspired for writing the blog this week that I ended up asking my Facebook and Instagram follows if they had any questions for me. Luckily, they did otherwise I think this would be the end of my post.

Question one. How long does the snow season last in this part of BC? Normally I would say November – April however, with climate change, it is getting shorter. I was actually talking to the owners of the ski hill about this. They said they used to open 1st December and run until the end of April but now they are looking at the end of December – April. In reply to your other question Ann I will simply say Weetabix.

Question two. What things are there to do near you? Well, there is excellent terrain for hide and seek if you’re into that. Bigfoot seems to be quite good at it. There is so much to do, especially if you’re into your outdoor sports/activities. More walking trails than you can shake a stick at. It’s a snowmobiler’s paradise and McBride just won the sled town showdown, meaning it is officially the best snowmobile town in Canada. The local ski hill is about 45 minutes away. Not only can you ski with magnificent views, but you could also come and meet me. What more could you want? The Ancient Forest is short 9km drive down the highway. Well worth a visit, it has excellent interpretive trails, and is accessible to all, with a boardwalk that is wheelchair friendly for the less able bodied.  The other thing to do soon hopefully, will be to come to Dome Creek, stay at our campground, and go off on one of the many guided tours we will be offering.

Question three is lots of questions from the creator of the Stories of a Dad blog and Podcast. I had a feeling he would ask a few.  Where do you get your food from, do you grow anything? Can you hunt/fish? How does a bear cub cope with the cold? And finally, what’s the source of the lake?  Okay, I get our food by hunting in Superstore. Now I must tell you, this is a skill, and not one that you should attempt without adequate training. It has taken me 3 years of shopping in Canada to master the art of bargain hunting. The food prices here are shockingly expensive compared to the UK, so before you go on your first hunt make sure you’re prepared. As for growing our own produce. We didn’t last year, but only because we arrived so late in the year. I plan to plant up a huge vegetable garden in the spring, and spend the rest of the year fighting bears, deer and every other wild beast from eating my crops. Regarding actual hunting, I am not against hunting for the freezer but again as of yet, I have not. This is due to money and not being able to afford my gun licence, or a gun for that matter. I will in the near future. Fishing is something I find incredibly boring, but I have dabbled and have caught some rather tasty fish, so well worth dipping your rod in the local rivers/lakes. Onto the bear cub question. Bear cubs are born this month (January,) in their dens, as their mothers hibernate. So, in answer to your question, probably by their mums. I am not sure how warm it stays in the dens, as I haven’t been brave enough to venture down one. Maybe when you come visit we can investigate. They won’t come out until the end of March by which time, the days have warmed up dramatically. Usually they stay with mum for 2 years and by that time they’re big enough to look after themselves. Lastly your question about the lake. It is fed from the creek I believe, which will be from snowmelt off the mountains. I’m sure one of the other locals may be better placed to answer that, as I am not 100% sure. I do know it flows out into the Fraser River though. Whilst on the subject of the lake, I was asked if you could swim in it, to which the answer is of course you can. Not that you would catch me doing it unless I fell in.

Jen in case you’re reading this and think I’m ignoring your question, I am not. I just plan on doing an entire post about what you asked. Plus, you already know the answer anyway.

Kathryn the best I can do for you is the picture from google maps. The red X is where our cabin is.

Screenshot (19)_LI

Well that leads me to the end of this post. I hope I can get up to no good this week in order to bring you a more exciting post. As always, I hope you have a wonderful week, and I will speak to you all very soon.


©Nick Hunter

One thought on “Better Late Than Never

  1. Hi Nick thanks for your answers to our questions much appreciated……as for the Weetabix it’s very expensive over there as Chris gets little parcels of tea and British chocolate when he comes over….well more like a case full! I really love watching Ben Fogle in his programme where he goes to visit people who have tried to change their lives in the wild, I think you would be a natural candidate and may give you some publicity to get your campground funds filled? Not sure how you would contact programme-makers and whether you and Kaitlyn would want that intrusion but hey give it a go.

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