So Much On My Mind

Yet again I am late with my post. It has been rather hectic here, as the Canadian winter seems to have picked up a notch or two. Snow has been falling, and my efforts have been concentrated on keeping my driveway open and my cabin warm. Temperatures dropped to -31 and I am determined to keep my pipes from freezing, along with my family too. It has become apparent that I can’t live without a snowplough, or snow blower. The other day I returned home after a large amount of snowfall, and whilst attempting to get up my driveway, I managed to get my truck stuck on a mound of snow and sat there with all four wheels spinning. After half an hour of attempting to dig it out, I called my ever-faithful neighbours who came to my assistance. The following day they returned, and with the use of their snow blower, between us we cleared our driveway. Amazing how the right equipment can make a mammoth task manageable.

Our Snow Blown Driveway

Kaitlyn has now started work, and I find myself at home with Stephen without any transport. It is a pain as I still need to collect firewood, but unless I strap Stephen to my back and carry logs on my shoulders this isn’t going to happen. I should maybe make a large sleigh to drag Stephen and the logs on together. I’m sure he would enjoy it, even if my body doesn’t. The other problem now faced with the amount of snow we have had, is the fact I am walking in waist deep snow in places. To start with I found it quite amusing, but I can assure you that the novelty soon wore off, especially when its so cold your trousers freeze and your ability to move is hindered even more. Had anyone witnessed my walk the other day, I am sure they would have died laughing at me as I tried my best to leap a ditch. I was already knee deep in snow as I prepared myself for the jump, and it was at the exact moment of take-off I knew I’d buggered up, and as I gracefully landed, I disappeared into the white depths below me. After a few swear words were uttered, I managed to remove myself from the ditch and clambered onto slightly more stable ground. The dog seemed pleased that I had earned the title of ‘idiot of the week,’ instead of him. Although, after his attempt at chasing a ball and ending up upside down with his head stuck in the snow, I think he has won it back. With all these little challenges I am actually enjoying the winter here. It’s amusing the little problems you face when the white stuff hits, and I enjoy attempting to problem solve them, and when I inevitably can’t solve them I enjoy spending time with my neighbours who come and help me. It’s a win win situation. Having said this, I am looking forward to the spring and summer. Mainly for the fact that I am itching to climb mountains again, without trudging through 10ft of snow. I have also found a friend with a helicopter, who is willing to drop me off at the top of the mountain opposite the house. I’ll be going in Bear Grylls style, and trekking back to my cabin, which should be good fun. Depending on how that works out, I am hoping to offer it as a tour once my campground is all setup. In fact, any family reading this who are heading out in July, let me know if you’re interested in joining me on this little experience and I will organise it.

Snow Fun


As I sit writing this, I am preparing for my neighbours to return for the third time, in less than 10 days, with their snow blower. We really have been hit by winter and I honestly don’t know what we would have done without their help. Next year should be easier, as my Father-in-Law has told me he has a snow blower attachment for a tractor he can give us. I look forward to playing on that, whilst reminiscing about this year’s hardships.

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks. This is due to mainly having a real bad case of writer’s block. I have sat down at the computer numerous times, and attempted to write about our time here, but have found myself staring at a blank screen, whilst struggling to think of words to say. I really do think it’s because I have too many thoughts running around my head. I am a complete dreamer, and have so many ideas, that everything gets a bit confusing, I’m not the best when it comes to brain power, so I think it is a little too much for my tiny mind to handle. Plus, on top of that, getting back into work again has proved harder than I thought, and when I return, I really don’t feel up to much apart from laying on the sofa and drinking tea. Exercise is the key, and I will attempt to get myself motivated to get outside and do a bit. I have been saying this for months, so it really is about time I pulled my finger out and just did it. I did jump on a snowboard the other day and went whizzing down my driveway. I really do enjoy it, so I maybe I can get back into that again, working at the local ski hill I really should.

They Look Nice But I’m Losing Heat Clearly

Anyway, I am keeping this post short and sweet. Just wanted to let you all know we’re still here, and that I’m just trying to overcome some mind problems, and winter issues. I will be back very soon (I hope) with more tales from Parts Unknown.

©Nick Hunter

2 thoughts on “So Much On My Mind

  1. Brilliant as ever. It reminds me of our first winter in the great white north. Next winter will be easier, as you will know what to expect and be ready. Enjoy the rest of the winter. Hope to see you all soon

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