I’m Back

Hello everyone, I know, I know its been a while. Don’t fret though I am back. I have been under the weather for around four weeks now, and have struggled to pretty much do anything, let alone sit down and type out anything vaguely worth publishing. I have had some form of virus which left me feeling dizzy 99% of the time and a throat that has been swollen and irritated. All in all, I have been a complete mess. So, no tales of wood cutting, only of the enormous effort I’ve put into just existing lately. On the plus side I do believe I have managed to curb my 20+ year smoking habit, and have even, for over a week now, not touched a coffee, which anyone that knows me will understand the great pains I’m going through. Being ill really gave me a reality check. I never get sick, and as I sat on the deck feeling sorry for myself drinking my fourth coffee and smoking probably my equivalent cigarette, it dawned on me that I was only making myself feel worse. So, say hello the new Nick. A herbal tea drinking, non-smoking, semi sort of health freak. I decided a while ago that I wanted to get fit again. After cracking my sternum last year, when I very skilfully slipped on some ice, I have put on a fair amount of weight, and used my injury as an excuse for a little longer than I really should have. So, I am turning over a new leaf, and making changes to my life for the better. You can prepare yourselves for stories of adventuring and working hard around our cabin and land. I have plans to transform our overgrown wilderness wonderland into a paradise. For many years I worked on other people’s properties, turning them into gorgeous parklands and landscaped gardens that they would be proud of, and now its time to do it for myself. I aim to put in woodland trails that will meander around the cabin and open several areas for grassland. This of course will benefit the campground when I eventually open it but will also give us some more fantastic walks to enjoy. I am filled with excitement again, probably spurred on by the fact the sun has made an appearance, and for the last few days we have seen plus temperatures. Yesterday we reached the dizzy heights of +11 degrees. Almost t-shirt weather! There is still a lot of snow here but I hope that in the coming weeks it will disappear and I can again start venturing into the woods.

Spotted just a few yards from the back of the house

What else has happened? Well, we decided that to carry on living here we should really have some work. Seeing as I couldn’t find any local employment we decided we would create some of our own. Obviously in the long run we hope the campground will generate an income for us, but until that is all up and running we will be selling firewood. Yes, you heard me right. The family that ran out of wood halfway through their first winter in the wilds will be selling firewood to the masses. So, if anyone in the McBride – Prince George area is reading this and would like to have their firewood topped up, be sure to give us a shout. Only the finest wood will pass through our log splitter, so you can be sure of a top-quality product and you will be happy in the knowledge that you have helped a young family carry on their dream of living in the wilderness. It’s a win win for everyone.

Order your logs now


Anyway, this post is short and sweet this week. I wanted to let you know I was alive (just,) and will still be writing my little blog, I’ve just been busy trying to survive these last few weeks. I hope that I am well and truly on the mend and from now on I will be on top of all things blog and social media related.

I hope you all have a good week and I look forward to updating you all very soon.

lynx 1
Caught the Lynx on camera at last



©Nick Hunter

One thought on “I’m Back

  1. Hello new and improved Nick! Welcome to the healthy club! Just wait until you start to gain more energy and stop coughing up a lung! 🙂 I’m sure Kaitlyn is super excited for your healthy changes too! Can’t wait to come visit once the campground is up and running!

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