Serial Killers & Second Winter

Hi, hope you’re all well. Again, I have left it longer than intended before updating the blog. It’s all been rather hectic here in Parts Unknown. We are in the middle of second winter here, it’s normally referred to as Spring, but I have decided that we are definitely not quite there yet. Although it has warmed up a bit, I will officially welcome Spring when it stops snowing every day. With the warmer weather we have come across a new set of problems. It appears our basement is not very watertight, and as the vast amounts of snow have begun to melt our basement has started to turn into an indoor swimming pool. Never fear though, we have trusty neighbours that have once again, for the I don’t know how many times, have come to our rescue, loaning us the use of a water pump. My days will be filled with pump duties for the faceable future. Happy days.

Still lots of snow

In other news I signed up for a program called  We will be hosting travellers free of charge, in return for a maximum of 5 hours work a day. It’s a great program and I am hoping I get our campground complete in record time with the help of these wandering nomads. So far, we have had over 10 applicants, and it’s looking like it could be a really successful way of getting people to help with all the work here. I’m sure anyone visiting will love the remoteness of our wilderness retreat, if they can put up with Kaitlyn of course.

We had our own little excursion last week and ended up in Vancouver visiting some of Kaitlyn’s friends. It made me appreciate our home a lot more after that trip. Not because of Kaitlyn’s friends of course, as they were great – although the potent Steam Works brewery beer that Tim supplied me with was not the most enjoyable I’ve experienced. I shall return the favour with a few Swamp Donkeys if they come and visit us –  but because of the huge volumes of people and traffic. You forget how crazy cities are when you haven’t been in one for a while, and although it was good to go to a nice restaurant, I think I am definitely a country boy and will stick to living in Parts Unknown for as long as I possibly can. Having said that, I did get to see a place I had been wanting to visit for rather a long time. I’m big into my true crime, and read lots about it, as well as listen to many podcasts on the subject. For some of you it will come as no shock that the place I visited was the old site of Robert William “Willy” Pickton’s farm. I take Kaitlyn to all the best places. Lucky girl. He was basically a massive shitbag that murdered a lot of women, but his case was one I had read a lot about, so I thought I’d visit the scene of the crime so to speak. It is now mainly lots of new houses on the site, with a very small field fenced off from the public.

Picktons Farm

One other thing that I enjoyed about Vancouver was the fact there was no snow. Since around November we haven’t seen any grass, so it was good to see greenery again. When we arrived back home we landed in Prince George airport in the middle of a snow storm. I’m sure I heard the wind say, “welcome home bastards, did you miss me,” when I stepped off the plane.

Moving on from serial killers. The rest of my time has been spent chopping down trees in preparation for next winter. So far, I have felled quite a number of trees but, with the amount I need to supply not only myself, but also anyone else that wishes to buy firewood, I need to do a lot more, so with that in mind I will wrap up this week’s blog post and wish you all a wonderful week. I will do my best to update you very soon.

Also, as a side note please share our Facebook page, as I am keen to expand our audience. Thanks


©Nick Hunter

2 thoughts on “Serial Killers & Second Winter

  1. Hi Nick and Familee , how are you all , as usual it’s been great reading your blog , excellent work mate . See ya . Stevie Dunn .

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