A Sleuth Of Bears

Good day you wonderful lot, I hope you’re all having an excellent week so far. Have you done anything exciting this past week? If you have you’re luckier than me. Apart from the obvious wood chopping, I have done absolutely bugger all, except gaze out the window trying to spot bears. I’m convinced I will see one any day now as they emerge from their winter dens in search of food. So far, I have seen 10 moose, countless number of ravens, hundreds of crows and a duck who I think was lost, but sadly no bears yet. I’m sure soon enough I will have sleuth of them wandering through my garden. Yes, a group of bears is called a sleuth. Named that way because a sleuth of bears appear to be constantly searching for something, just like a detective. I shall name the first one I see Sherlock in honour of this. Did you also know a group of ravens is an unkindness, and a group of crows a murder?  I always found those terms strange until I started living in these backcountry parts and now they make sense to me. Anyway, I’m being side tracked, back to my week. I say I’ve done bugger all but that’s not entirely true. We have Kaitlyn’s parents coming in a few weeks’ time. Her father is going to help me in the basement, so I have been rummaging around down there too, cleaning out rooms, and prepping the walls in order for the master builder to work his magic. I’m quite excited to get a couple of the rooms done down there, but not as excited as seeing the In-Laws obviously. I’m not even joking, Kaitlyn’s Mum (Mom, pronounced Mum) will no doubt be chief childminder, and I can once again feel free of responsibility and concentrate on all the things a child gets in the way of. She is also excellent at cleaning, so we will once again have a spotless house. No pressure Kathryn.

Four moose munching away next to the lake
lots of bears
A sleuth of bears last summer

As I sit here tapping away at the keyboard and glancing out the window in case I see Sherlock, the snow all around the cabin is melting and turning into a muddy mess, especially my driveway, I am slowly starting to feel like I have a lot more work on my hands than I can possibly keep up with on my own. I spoke about it before but I’m really hoping this Work Away program works out, if not I’ll be calling on you lot to come and help me out. I really could do with some machinery as well, perhaps if any of you work for a tractor dealership you could sneak me one out, or an excavator, I’m sure no one would mind you loaning me one. I really can’t wait for it all to melt away, I do feel like I’ve been house bound for a rather long time now. I am so used to being able to walk wherever I want, next year I will 100% be investing in a pair of snow shoes. Cabin fever is real people.

A bear family that we saw last May

Changing the subject, I’ve just crapped myself. The huge slab of ice (2ft thick and the length of the cabin,) that’s been resting on the roof of the house for the last 3 months has just slid off and hit the ground with an almighty crash, I thought my roof had fallen off. Thank god I wasn’t underneath it when that happened.

Anyway, I am rambling and don’t really know what to talk about, as like I said I’ve not done a huge amount this week. Perhaps some of you could ask me some questions, so next week’s blog is slightly more interesting for you. Until this snow has gone I will be pretty much be stuck doing the same things.

More moose from this week

Before I go though I would like to thank you all for the support with my online business www.watertogo-canada.com and I’d like to say that the 15% discount code ‘CABIN’ is still available for you all, so get buying before I decide to take it down 😉

All that’s left to say is, I hope you have a great week, if you have any questions fire them over, and I look forward to speaking to you all very soon. Oh, and keep an eye on our Facebook page, as I will put a picture of Sherlock up as soon as I spot him/her.


©Nick Hunter

3 thoughts on “A Sleuth Of Bears

  1. Congratulations to you both on your wedding. I am a regular reader of your blog. Your life sounds like one long adventure but hard work!
    Much love to you all. Auntie Marion X

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