Which Corner Is Spring Around

Good day to you. I hope I find you all in fine fettle this week. In today’s post we’re going to talk about spring, or to be more precise the very slow start to spring. I know it’s just around the corner as the daytime temperature has been hovering just above freezing, but my god it’s taking it’s time to fire into full force. Yesterday for example, we awoke to a fresh layer of snow, which was followed by beautiful sunshine, then it rained, hailed, snowed again, and then ended the day with some more sun. I think mother nature is slightly confused. I have decided to use the power of positive thought to try and persuade the sun to appear and get rid of all the snow that’s surrounding the cabin. I am itching to get into the woods and drag out more logs for splitting, and this can only happen once this snow has buggered off. One because there is a tractor I have my eye on that is currently buried in my neighbour’s garden (yard) in around 2 feet of snow, and I won’t be able to drag the said logs out until that is operational. Two because I am going insane looking at all the tidying up work I want to do but can’t, and three I’m keen to plant my vegetable plot so I can avoid supermarkets as much as possible. Your mission this week is to all think positive thoughts about sunshine and warm weather, if you all do that I’ll be very grateful.


Two sets of Bald Eagles on the lake. The darker one is a juvenile 

This week has seen me chopping the last of the logs we had in the woodshed, and also an abundance of wildlife watching. I have spotted several Bald Eagles, which included a fine display put on by an adult and juvenile over the lake, battling over fish. It went on for around an hour and had Kaitlyn and I transfixed. I was surprised by the amount of fish they were able to pull out of the still frozen lake.  See our Facebook page for the video I managed to capture. We’re still seeing lots of moose. I can almost guarantee I will see them every morning and evening. It’s funny how you get used to them being around and almost stop appreciating how magnificent they really are. It’s got to the stage where I will spot one and don’t even bother saying anything as they are so common at the moment. Still no sign of Sherlock (the bears, see last week’s blog post) but I’m convinced it will be any day now, I can’t wait to get trigger happy with my camera when they rear their heads. I’m hoping to see more Grizzlies this year, as I only spotted a mum (mom) and two cubs last year. I’m keen to get some pictures of them fishing, so if anyone knows some good spots then feel free to point me in the right direction.

DSCN0245 (2)
Last years Grizzly

Also, this week I have emptied out the two rooms in the basement, in preparation for the renovations down there. We have supplies arriving next week, so I look forward to updating you with the progress of that.

On to my next topic. Work. Or to be exact the lack of work. The ski hill shut down last weekend, so I am yet again an unemployed bum, until the summer resort opens in around 5 weeks’ time. It’s good because I can get certain jobs done around the house, but very bad for the bank. This would be an excellent time for you all to buy a Water-to-Go bottle using discount code ‘CABIN’ at checkout to get your 15% off. Visit www.watertogo-canada.com for more information. The other thing you might consider is buying some logs off me ready for next winter. You will not only be keeping us in beer tokens but will also be helping me work off my winter belly that seems to have grown with the lack of outdoor work. I’m sure this snow will be gone in the next week or two and I will be logging away again. Drop me a message if you’re interested in some.

wood splitter

Anyway, that’s it for this week, hopefully next week will bring more exciting stories from Parts Unknown, along with tales of sunshine, but for now, have a great week and I shall speak to you all soon.



©Nick Hunter

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