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This week has indeed been an exciting week, and one that reignited my love of photography, or to be more precise my love of wildlife photography. We are very lucky to live where we do. I have often said driving around these parts is a lot like driving into a safari park, and even more so when you manage to ride shotgun with an experienced wildlife photographer. Every now and then in life you are lucky enough to cross paths with people who have similar passions to yourself. Instant connections are made, and life seems that little bit more exciting. That happened this week for me when I met Eric from ES Wildlife Photo Images.

eric es photo
Eric of ES Wildlife Photo Images

Eric is a superb wildlife photographer and has a portfolio of work that most people couldn’t gather in two lifetimes. Checkout his Facebook page and I think you will agree I was in good hands when looking for advice on that perfect shot. Eric arrived at our cabin early Tuesday morning, after a quick coffee and having been told which settings should work best on my camera for wildlife, we jumped in Eric’s truck and set off in search of all the critters that bless us here in Parts Unknown. Straight away I felt inadequate with my tiny camera compared to Eric’s, which sported an enormous telescopic lens. I had a feeling by the end of the day, I’d be trying to convince Kaitlyn we need one even if it required a second mortgage. (If you’re reading this we really do need it Kaitlyn.)   Along the way we discussed various places where we had both spotted wildlife, as we spoke Eric slowed his truck down and before it had even come to a standstill, he had his camera out the window and was snapping shots of an eagle that had flown over head. Like a marksman aiming his gun, I was amazed at how quickly he could fire off several shots before lowing his weapon of choice. We had a quick look at the pictures, he didn’t seem overly impressed with them but to me they were pretty spectacular. We carried on our tour of the local area. It was great for me as even though I live here full-time, I’ve not managed to explore as much as I’d like too. I’ve learnt where some of the best wildlife viewing areas are and for that I’m extremely grateful. I managed to get several pictures of eagles, and a few deer but sadly we hadn’t spotted any bears. This was mainly because there is still so much snow about, and not a lot of green vegetation. We decided to head back home. On the way back, something which very possibly could have been a wolf crossed the highway in front of us, regrettably we couldn’t get any pictures and I am still yet to photograph my favourite animal in these parts. I will get one soon, I’m sure of it. As we drove down the long gravel road, crossing the railway tracks we spotted a large blob, or to be more precise Eric spotted it and immediately knew it was a bear, he raised his binoculars up and could see it was a mum with cubs. Result. I tried to zoom in on her but the heat off the railway track made for an extremely hazy picture. We drove further down the road, parked up and quietly walked up towards where we had seen her. Still a good few hundred yards away, but a much better position to get a few shots. Happy that I had got my first bear photos of the year, we drove home managing to score coffee and cake as we went past the neighbours. Christine I’m heading out on Saturday to try and snap a wolf, so that would be an excellent day to make some more of your delicious baked goods. I eventually returned home and the six hours I’d spent out had just flown by. Eric it was an absolute pleasure, and I really hope we can do it again sometime. For all you faithful readers and future campers, I am trying to persuade ES Wildlife Photo Images to take some tours out this way when we open up are doors. Feel free to show your interest in this opportunity by dropping me a message.


My first bear picture of 2018
Bald Eagle

Anyway, that’s really my big news this week. Apart from that I have been clearing up the garden (yard) and trimming back bushes. Next week I think all the snow would have gone so I am hoping that I can play on a tractor and drag out some more wood to split. Until then I shall call that a day for this weeks post. I hope you all have a fantastic rest of the week and upcoming weekend, and I look forward to updating you all with my wildlife photography, and hopefully elusive wolf shot soon.



©Nick Hunter

One thought on “Wildlife Photography

  1. Hi , how are you all , brilliant blog as usual Nick , fantastic photo of the Bear and cub also the Baldie .. no , not Daz ! Really Nature at it’s best . Have fun . Cheers .

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