Mosquito Season

Well, it’s been awhile but I’m back. I’ve been rather busy here, and with all that’s going on I’ve just not found the time to update you all. So, what have I been doing? As mentioned in the last post my in-laws were coming to help renovate the basement. We managed to get a room and a half done and I’m now left with doing the finishing touches. I am hoping by the end of the week I will have two rooms completely finished. I got slightly side tracked by the arrival of my baby. When I say baby, I mean my tractor. A 1940’s Ferguson, she’s no spring chicken but she pops along like a dream and drags all the logs out of the bush for me. I have even started giving Gertrude (the tractor) a new coat of paint. I’ll be sure to post pictures once I have finished it off. With the arrival of the tractor wood gathering really took off and my firewood pile has started to grow, which I am extremely pleased about. Typically, with the luck we have, the distributor cap on the tractor has given up on life and work has come to a halt. Trying to source a part for a 70+ year old tractor was proving to be a nightmare, but luckily for me some friends knew where to get it so I am eagerly awaiting its arrival so I can carry on with my duties. On top of all that I have been trying to keep the garden (yard) under control. The weather here has just been amazing recently. It has been around 30 degrees the last few day and the garden has decided to shoot up, so I have been mowing and brush cutting almost continuously. It’s been so nice to see the back of winter and have some warmth back in our lives. Having said that it comes at a cost. Each season here offers different challenges. This seasons challenge is mosquitos. If anyone was to watch me for any length of time they would conclude I was mad. My arms flail and I can’t seem to control my tongue when it comes to these flying ar*eholes. It doesn’t seem to matter how much repellent I bath in, they still find me delicious. I spend large amounts of time plotting ways to kill them and looking up bug zappers online. They have taken over the house too and most evenings are spent wandering around the cabin, slipper in hand and squishing them against the walls. Just while writing this I have managed to dispose of 22 of them, make that 23, and they’re still buzzing around me. I will have the last laugh though, we’re off to town shortly where I plan on buying an industrial grade mosquito killer. If forced to I will even paint the house with it. Who would have thought something so small could cause so much irritation in the world! Whoever manages to produce a repellent that actually works deserves knighthood at the very least.

Before I got happy with the spray paint
Halfway through her makeover

Putting aside the buzzing basta*ds, this really is a beautiful season. Everything is coming to life. The plants, the trees, and lots of the wildlife has emerged with their babies. I regularly spot bears with their cubs and spend many an hour trying to photograph them. I am hoping to get more grizzly pictures in the coming days. I have been out several times and have some good pictures on my Facebook and Instagram pages, so check them out if you get the chance.

Black Bear 

This is now day three of trying to write this blog post. I seem to be getting distracted every time I sit down to write by all the different jobs I have on the go. On the plus side I’m able to give you an update on the mosquito killer I brought in town. What a difference it makes. We have gone from millions of the critters to absolutely none at all. I highly recommend Konk and am very happy it works, seeing as my mother is due to be out soon and she doesn’t cope well with them at all.  Anyway, I am going to end this post as I am off out to try and photograph more wildlife. Talking of which I’m actually thinking of setting up the wildlife tours very soon. If you’re interested in coming on one please drop me a message. I will do my best to post more of my ramblings soon and not leave it so long next time, but for now I shall say goodbye, and wish you all a good rest of the week.

©Nick Hunter

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