Babies & Bear charges

Are you sitting comfortably? Because this week’s post is a wild one, with babies being born and grizzly bears charging at me. This week has had it all.

Our week started fairly normally, with me pottering around the garden (yard) and heading out looking for wildlife. I decided on Monday that I wanted to head up a forest service road and see if I could find a waterfall, and some grizzly bears. Kaitlyn’s Mum (Mom) and aunty are currently staying too, so we all piled in the truck and we sped off to the forest road.  I attempted to break Kaitlyn’s water on the drive due to an extremely bumpy road, I’m glad I didn’t because to get to the 36km mark took the best part of an hour and a half. Sadly, we didn’t find the falls, but we did see several black bears so not all was lost. Then on Wednesday after Kaitlyn had felt several twinges and her water broke, we decided to head into town to be closer to the hospital and thank god we did! We met the midwife at 10pm for a check-up and after a quick assessment she reassured us that baby wouldn’t be with us for a while yet and we should go home and wait for her contractions to increase in regularity. Well home for us is a fair distance away as you well know, so we went off in search of a hotel. We managed to find a really nice one, and as I climbed into an exceptionally comfortable bed at approximately midnight I knew I was in for an excellent night’s sleep. However, my hopes were dashed at 2am when I was rudely awoken my Kaitlyn’s cries. “Call the midwife,” she yelled at me, struggling to speak through her labour contractions. My initial thoughts were, call her yourself, but luckily my mouth managed to stay firmly shut and instead I opted to call the midwife. There was of course no answer, so I did what any loving husband would do and fell back to sleep, only to be woken up by Kaitlyn’s moaning once again, thinking to myself that she needed to be quiet, as she was going to disturb the other guests. I must admit I wasn’t fully awake at this point so excuse my lack of empathy. She declared that she was going to have a shower to see if it would ease the pain, but at 2:30am and still no answer from the midwife, things were really hotting up and I thought I was going to have to deliver the baby in a hotel room or to be precise the hotel bathroom. Sod that! I got my brain in gear, put on some clothes and helped Kaitlyn get ready, telling her we had to go to hospital. She didn’t argue. Managing to escort her to the hotel reception, I left her there to struggle out the door while I ran for the car. By all accounts the receptionist did ask if she was okay, and Kaitlyn said she was fine, so she left her to it. Being a man of the world, I know when a woman says she’s fine, this in fact means she is anything from it, but this receptionist must not have known this. Anyway, I pulled up out the front of the hotel and Kaitlyn, between screams, managed to climb into the car. I raced out of the car park and headed to the hospital, straight away I was confronted with a red light. I slowed down to stop but Kaitlyn shouted at me to keep going. Who was I to argue with her as she sounded pretty upset, so I just put my foot down. 30 seconds later she decides to announce that the baby was coming. Well, this put the wind right up me and all of a sudden, I became the rally champion of British Columbia, speeding over 100 through the centre of town, jumping red lights. I had visions of a police car trying to pull me over but luckily they didn’t see me. I pulled up outside the hospital at 2:44am and ran Kaitlyn inside. We had to get through a security door first and looking back at it now the poor security guard was in a real panic. First trying to open the door and secondly trying to get a wheelchair for Kaitlyn when the nurse shouted at him. He wasn’t the only traumatised individual that night caused by Kaitlyn’s state. A poor child was being walked out of Emergency by his father at the exact moment we came in. I heard the father try and tell the boy that there was a baby coming, but I think he is now scarred for life and there is almost a 100% chance he never wants children when he grows up. Eventually the security guard produced a wheelchair and the nurse (well we think it was a nurse, it could have been the cleaning lady for all we know,) ran Kaitlyn to the maternity ward with me in hot pursuit.  We swung into the ward where our arrival was declared by the nurse/cleaner shouting for assistance. We got Kaitlyn in a delivery suite, where she promptly took all her clothes off and jumped on the bed, asking anyone who would listen for pain relief. The maternity nurse informed Kaitlyn that it was too late for that and before the nurse could even get her gloves on baby Frances came flying into the world. At 2:50am I was holding my new born daughter, how’s that for timing. So, that’s our birth story. I’m pleased to report Mum and baby are doing well and back home now.

Frances 8lbs 1oz

To celebrate their home coming I decided to go looking for grizzly bears, and oh boy did I find them.  Knowing full well there was a grizzly in the area, due to the copious amounts of poo deposited on our road in the last few days, I crept along in the truck, eyes peeled, looking for the magnificent beasts. I literally came to the end of our road when I spotted a Mum and her two very large cubs. I got camera snapping and after several minutes I decided, in my wisdom, to drive down a service road to see if I could get closer to get a better picture. As I inched my way down trying to peer through the bushes and trees to spot where the bears were I suddenly caught a glimpse of one of the cubs. I had my window down, leaning out of the truck camera to eye when suddenly Mum stood up on her hind legs to see what idiot dared approach her children. Seeing it was a stupid Englishman she took it upon herself to scare the crap out of me and charge full on at the side of my car. “SHIT,” I screamed! She came to a halt 20 yards from me, probably smelling my fear and deciding that I was too unsavoury to devour. She gathered her children up and with repeat looks of disgust at me led them off into the woods. I slammed the truck in reverse and got the hell out of there. Lesson learned, and luckily for me I got away with just a telling off. I now know that to get that perfect shot, I need to invest in a better zoom lens and not try to sneak up on these bears.

The mother bear that charged me
Mum and her two large cubs

Checkout our Facebook and other social media pages for more of my bear pictures. Anyway, that’s enough excitement for this post. I shall resume normal tales of log splitting next week, and lots of log splitting it will be as it would appear that the bank has run dry and we need some cash. So, place your log orders here and I shall do my best to get them out to you next week. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your week whatever you happen to be up to and I will speak to you all very soon.



©Nick Hunter

6 thoughts on “Babies & Bear charges

  1. “Almost a 100% chance he never wants children when he grows up” – good one!! I giggled out loud to myself reading that.

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  2. Always love reading your blogs! No grizzlies in our ontario northern paradise! Congrats on your new little one…what a wonderful life she will have.,

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  3. I love your story, so funny. I’m the mom of the sweet nurse who delivered your wee babe. I happen to know she managed to get her gloves on at the last second. 🤣 No matter, often there’s no time for that. Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful daughter and for not dying at the hands (paws) of that mother bear. Blessings.

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  4. Congratulations to you both on the birth of Frances. Lovely pictures – both baby and bears. Much love to you all. Auntie Marion x

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