Tractor Problems

It would appear that the Hunter luck has struck again. I have avoided writing about my tractor problems due to the fact that I thought I would rectify them fairly quickly. However, a few days has now turned into over a month and I am still scratching my head on how to fix these old beauties. Let’s start with the 1948 Ferguson. I was happily chugging along when the engine decided to die, after a phone call to the neighbour we quickly deduced that there was no spark getting to the spark plugs. Having stripped the distributor down and buying new points, condenser, rotor and cap we put it back together and it still won’t fire. For over 4 weeks we’ve played around with it to no avail. I have power to the distributor, it just won’t come out of it. So annoying! The John Deere lawn tractor, approximately 30 years old, has also decided that life here in the wilderness is too hard and regularly unbolts her engine from the frame work and comes to a halt as I’m mowing the lawn. I have tried new bolts and lock tight, but she seems adamant that she hates her engine and refuses to carry it any longer. This leaves me in a predicament. I can’t drag wood out of the bush and I can’t cut my lawn. There is no way I can afford to replace these machines at the moment, so my only option is to see if John Deere or Massey Ferguson want to cover me under warranty. I mean the Ferguson is only 70 years old and the John Deere can’t be more than 30, so surely they must still be covered right?  So, this post is more of challenge to see which one of you wants to help out a family in the Canadian Wilderness. We can’t pay you as we’re broke, but I can write a good yarn about what you did for us. I can see this really boosting your sales. I can picture it now. Your service personnel rocking up to Doom Creek, sorry, Dome Creek, avoiding bears, wolves and my very own pig dog (Archie.) Then getting my old girls back up and running, perhaps supplying me with a free flail mower, (don’t worry if you can’t, but if you don’t ask you don’t get.) I’m pretty sure that blog post would go viral, it might even get as many views as Kaitlyn’s birthing story, which if you’re wondering managed to reach over 10,000 people. Crazy I know. My challenge to all my loyal followers is to tag John Deere and Massey Ferguson into this post, you never know they might see it and then I will have some new content to write about. How amazing would that be.

tractor issues
The broken lawn tractor with the Ferguson in the background
Poor old Gertrude

On a different note I have had family out here visiting for the last few weeks. Once I have these tractors figured out I shall have more time on my hands to write and will put together an in-depth blog post about their time here. I’m currently also redoing the website so if you’re looking it up you won’t find it. I promise to have it back up shortly. Keep an eye on our Facebook for updates on that. Anyway, I must go, I think the phone is ringing and it must be one of those tractor dealerships offering me a new tractor. Speak soon and have a great week. Oh, and get tagging.


©Nick Hunter

One thought on “Tractor Problems

  1. So sorry to hear this on your blog, have sent John Deere a little plea on your behalf, you never know there may be a few angels around, you deserve some good fortune Nick. Hope Kaitlyn
    and the children are good xxx

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