All At Sea

As per usual I have left it a rather long time before updating the blog. I’ll be honest and say I think it’s due to stress and being unable to concentrate for long enough to write a sentence. Funny how stress affects you really. I seem to be in a constant state of being “at sea.” If you’re unsure what I’m talking about, I mean being unsettled, drifting, directionless. It’s a situation where you’re powerless and do not know what to do. Very frustrating really. The realisation that I can’t complete the campground for at least a couple of years has hit me quite hard, as well as other issues surrounding this place. All in all, I’m a bit peed off.

Anyway, enough of my issues and let’s talk about something positive. The book was released. It’s done surprisingly well and was a number one new release, as well as number one in Canadian travel for a few days, so that was good. If you haven’t seen it yet, it is basically all the blog posts put together into book form. I’m rather pleased with it. I actively encourage you to buy a copy, or even better order a signed copy through me. I promise to scribble some words of wisdom along with my current valueless autograph.

The cabin diary
The original book cover before release 

In other news Kaitlyn has been wrapping up her clothing business. I am hoping this means she will have more time to concentrate on making this place a success. She has lots of good ideas so watch this space, I’m sure in the coming weeks you will notice her presence felt on the social media platforms.

I think in the last post I mentioned in passing that our septic tank had failed and backed up into the house. This of course wasn’t the end of the story. Having cleaned up the mess and having a lingering smell around the house that didn’t seem to go, I decided to find the cause of the odour. After lots of searching I realised that the pipe that takes the waste odour out of the house actually just gets sent into the attic, lovely! Armed with a few tools and some extra pipe I cut two holes in the roof and extended it out of the house. I am hoping that’s the end of the issue, we shall see. I’m keeping my fingers crossed because as we head into winter these problems become harder and harder to fix.

You may have noticed I added a shop to the website I have some of my wildlife photos for sale on there, as I feel that would be a great way of earning a living in these parts. Having decided this, I of course can now find absolutely no wildlife to photograph. Why can’t they cooperate and pose nicely for me so I can get more pictures to add to my portfolio? The only animals I’ve seen recently are two deer, one of which turned out to be a decoy, so it doesn’t even count and a woodpecker that has decided to hammer away at our cabin on a rather frequent basis. I wouldn’t mind but it is now causing some damage and leaving wood shards all over the deck. Annoying sod. I wonder if we have woodpecker damage on our insurance? I shall continue to try and find some good shots so keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram for those.

An excellent picture of a decoy deer!

We are now back to just our family here as the workaways have all now flown the nest. It’s been amazing having them, but I have to say it’s nice to have the place to ourselves. I can once again walk around half naked, poop with the door open and pass wind whenever the need arises. Kaitlyn has of course been taking full advantage of the latter too.

That’s about it for the time being. I shall try my damnedest to update things sooner next time and snap out of my current state of mind. All that’s left to say is a massive thank you to everyone who has purchased a book and I hope you all have a fantastic week ahead.


©Nick Hunter

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