Where Have All The Animals Gone

Hello everyone, how are you doing? Starting to feel Christmassy yet? I am waiting with anticipation for Kaitlyn to pick out another 20ft Christmas tree and demand I fit it in the house. Anyone else have these issues with their significant other or is it just me? Talking of Christmas what are you all doing? Does anyone fancy joining us for Christmas at the cabin?

In this week’s update I want to talk about wildlife. Or to be precise, the lack of wildlife. Ever since I decided I wanted to go into the wildlife photography business every animal within a 100-mile radius has disappeared. Typical of my luck really. Everyday I go out and explore the local surroundings, I see countless number of animal tracks but not a single animal to photograph. This time last year I couldn’t walk a hundred yards without bumping into an owl, a moose, a wolf or lynx. In my attempt to capture something I set up my wildlife camera on a very distinct animal trail. After a week, I picked it up to review the footage, only to find the only picture I had was of me putting it up and taking it down. I have a feeling the reason I’m not seeing much is due to the large number of predators in the area. My neighbour spotted 3 cougars the other day, and most evenings I hear wolves and coyotes howling. I think this is keeping the moose from coming out from wherever they’re hiding. I will just have to keep my eyes peeled and hope that my luck changes. If you’re new to my blog checkout my website www.ourcabinlife.com to view my pictures, or check out my Facebook or Instagram pages.

A little owl from this time last year

I was saddened this week to hear of the death of a mother and 10-month-old child in the Yukon. They died after a grizzly attack. I have to be honest I was equally saddened by the comments I read on the BBC News Facebook feed on the article. I won’t say exactly what some people put but it was along the lines of they deserved it because of where they live and also because of the husband being a trapper. What is wrong with humanity that people feel that this was acceptable. Truly disturbing. The fact of the matter is you’re more likely to be shot going to work or to school than to be killed by a bear. I think I’ll stick to living in Parts Unknown where the animals around me are more civilized.

In other news I have been felling lots of trees this week in preparation for next years winter. I want to be able to sell more firewood as it’s an excellent source of income. If I’m ever going to be able to afford the quad that I so badly want (need) it’s essential I keep chopping.                                                                                                                                              The weather finally looks like it is changing. After a couple of weeks of very mild temperatures, it’s finally dropped below freezing again. I would like the snow to hold off a little longer as I’d like to pull more trees out of the forest but as I write this it is snowing and has been pretty much all day. We shall just have to play it by ear I think.

tree chopping

You will be pleased to hear my septic tank issues have been resolved for the time being so hopefully we are okay till the spring when I will put in a new field.                                  We did go to town this week, where I sold some of my merchandise. It was nice to get some feedback on the photography and was really pleased with the comments I received. In other news I am getting out of the Water-to-Go business. I still believe this is the best water filtration bottle on the market, I just can’t afford to buy another order. With that being said I am offering 15% discount on the bottles, so I can clear my stock. Just type in ‘CABIN’ at checkout when you place your order at www.watertogo-canada.com

That’s about it really for this week. I will do my best to make next week slightly more exciting. Maybe I’ll go on a little adventure in search of wildlife. I’m seriously contemplating becoming a Bigfoot hunter. If I got that picture I know I’d be able to afford a quad. Till next time, have a great week and I’ll speak to you all very soon.


©Nick Hunter

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