Interesting Times Ahead

I know what you’re thinking. A new blog post? Really! I know, I can hardly believe it myself. Nearly 2 years since I updated the blog. 2 years, that is just insane. A lot can happen in two years, we could have cleared acres of land for farming, setup an amazing campground but alas that has still not happened. I did sign us up to Hipcamp but until we know what’s happening here, I can’t do much more work on the campground area. Although it is looking rather nice down there and you should definitely book a night or two stay.


To explain why I’m not doing any more to the campground just yet. We’re at a crossroads in life again and this time it is all about schooling. Stephen can start school this September and we have nowhere close to send him. McBride is the closest town but its still 100km away and it is just not feasible to drive that far everyday. Home schooling is out of the question as I feel I will go mad if I have to become a teacher. Plus, no one wants me to be their teacher. I wasn’t exactly blessed with any academic ability. They would all end up with potty mouths and a good understanding of farm machinery. Anyway, what do we do? Two options really. Option one is we sell and move closer to a school. This would be the easiest solution, but the worst for my heart. The second option is Kaitlyn gives up work and we both can work together in making schooling work from here. Such dilemmas to have to go through and one I could do without facing. We decided to place it in the hands of the gods. We put the house on the market and have given it a deadline to sell. If it doesn’t then we stay. This is why I am not moving forward with too many projects right now except the most important ones. It is very frustrating really. Rest assured though, if we do sell, we will still be living a life less ordinary.

Moving on, what else has happened these past couple of years? Oh yes, a global pandemic! We’re very lucky I guess that with all the lockdowns we have still managed to lead a relatively normal life and are probably luckier than most. We had workaways (Chris and Johanna) staying so they couldn’t leave and were stuck with us for over a year. Not that I am complaining as the help was gladly received and we managed to get lots of jobs ticked off the list. I’d like to say it hasn’t affected us at all, but it has. We’ve not been able to see family or friends for over a year. Kaitlyn struggles with that more than me. Her parents have yet to meet Harriet, our youngest daughter who is nearly 18 months old, and neither have my mum or brothers. My 40th Birthday is looming ever closer (13th August if you want to send presents) and it looks like I won’t be having any family over to celebrate that either which is a pain. Other than that living here has been a blessing in these times. I managed to get a canoe and camping trip in with Stephen and the workaways. Something that just wouldn’t have been possible for most families because of travel restrictions. That’s enough about that anyway, I’m sure everyone is bored of this virus now and we can just hope things start getting back to normal with the roll out of the vaccines. I just hope everyone is coping well and staying safe.

Canoe Trip
Canoe trip

In other news I am still clearing land ready for farming if we don’t sell. I figured that I wasn’t prepared to wait any longer because this place has to start earning us an income. This will be massively sped up by the use of a bulldozer that is coming in the next few weeks. I am hoping, fingers crossed, that the land will be cleared and ready for planting by August. Keep your eyes on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates on that. Talking of social media. I have started doing a few videos of what goes on around here and I shall be trying to keep that up. It’s a lot easier to find time to press play on my camera than to sit down and put pen to paper. Who would have thought being a full-time dad would be so hard. Hats off to everyone who has raised children because it is the toughest job I have ever done.

Anyway, talking of being a Dad I must go as I hear the destruction of the front room as we speak. Talk to you all soon, hopefully I won’t leave it two years to update.     

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