The Hunter Luck Strikes Again.

Hello from a very cold Dome Creek. As per usual, our life here in the wilds, is proving to test our resolve once again. After five months of having no real work, I received a call last week informing me I had a job starting on Friday at the local ski hill. Excellent, just in … Continue reading The Hunter Luck Strikes Again.

Sunday Blog

Hello everyone. I am bringing you a little Sunday edition of the Our Cabin Life blog. What is he doing, I hear you all ask?  Well, I have had a few thoughts running around my head recently. As you are well aware, I have a few things on my mind here in Dome Creek. One … Continue reading Sunday Blog

Podcasts & Christmas Trees

Happy Thursday everyone. I know I’m a bit early with this week’s post, but this is due to having a busy few days coming up. I wouldn’t want to keep you in suspense, waiting for an update now would I. This week has been rather exciting, due to the fact I released my first ever … Continue reading Podcasts & Christmas Trees

Winter Walks

I know its cold outside, but get your coat on, I’m taking you for a walk. It’s a glorious morning here. The sun is shining, and there’s not a cloud in the sky. It’s chilly though at -11 but with the sun rays hitting us it doesn’t feel that cold. Archie and Shylo, (the dogs,) … Continue reading Winter Walks

Christmas Spirit

Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening depending on where you are reading this from. I have been enjoying viewing my reader stats this week, and I’m astonished how far my blog has travelled. I won’t list all the countries as there are too many to mention. I will say to my Japanese readers ありがとうございました, … Continue reading Christmas Spirit

A Shout Out To McBride

I’m tired very tired. What a hectic week here in the wilderness. The biggest downside to living here is the huge distances we are forced to travel to pop into our local town. If I want a pint of milk you’re looking at a two-and-a-half-hour round trip. This doesn’t include the time taken to purchase … Continue reading A Shout Out To McBride

Yukon River & Man-flu Troubles

Lots of snow has hit this week, and has transformed the cabin and surrounding area into a winter wonderland. As I sit here writing this it is snowing very heavily outside. I find it very hard to stop myself from belting out Christmas tunes as I alternate staring out the window and tapping away at … Continue reading Yukon River & Man-flu Troubles

It maybe late, but I hope it’s worth the wait.

I must apologise for making you all wait two weeks before updating the blog. I can feel the disappointment from here. How have you all coped without my weekly update? All good I hope. There have been several reasons for the lack of updates. The main one being our exceptionally kind neighbours lent me a … Continue reading It maybe late, but I hope it’s worth the wait.

A Wet Week In Dome Creek

Good afternoon you amazing people. Why amazing? Well because this week I have had a huge increase in people reading my blog. 562 people to be precise, and here I was thinking I was just talking to a few family and friends. I’m a bit shocked if I’m honest. I feel the pressure to up … Continue reading A Wet Week In Dome Creek

Thinking Of My Father

This week (18th October) marks the seventh anniversary of my father’s death. He was 58 when he passed away due to complications brought on by prostate cancer. Even now I find it quite hard to talk about him for any length of time without getting a bit emotional. They say time is a great healer. … Continue reading Thinking Of My Father